Katherine Bell Thomasy, MA, LPC, NCC


My counseling style is engaging, flexible, and accepting.  I believe that knowledge is empowering, so I am constantly reading and studying, always looking for fresh, innovative solutions that are uniquely suited to my clients’ individual personalities, situations, and needs. 

In working with my clients, I draw on a wide variety of life experience and training.

  • As a teacher and writer, I take an educational approach. I teach proven skills for building self-acceptance, overcoming  depression and anxiety, managing stress, improving relationships, recovering from grief and divorce, resolving problems, and achieving life goals.

  • As a survivor of trauma, depression, and divorce, I understand the intense emotions and feelings of helplessness that often accompany these experiences.
    I know that encouragement and non-judgmental support are crucial for working through these and other emotional issues, and I strive to provide a safe environment for my clients. I myself struggled with clinical depression and anxiety for more than 40 years, so let me be the first to encourage you:  if can recover from these debilitating conditions, you can!

  • As someone who has experienced (and has been the mom of children with) chronic health issues, I have learned that God has created us with a strong mind/body/spirit connection.  I try to stay well-informed regarding medical and nutritional implications for my clients, and encourage partnering with medical providers when appropriate. 

  • As a Christian with a lifelong faith and a strong background in Biblical studies, I offer a faith-based approach, rooted in Christ’s transforming power, plus evidence-based strategies that help you understand the ows and hys of recovery for lasting results. I also understand that sometimes when "life happens" we have no perfect choices (I've been there, myself). So I try to always reflect back the grace that God has shown to me as we walk this path.

Together, we will discover tools that will serve you for a lifetime as you self-discover, grow, and heal. I encourage you to call for your free 15-minute consultation and/or to schedule an appointment. I look forward to beginning this journey with you!