Counseling Services


Is it just a sad mood, or do you feel so empty and hopeless that you can no longer manage everyday life? Do you struggle with persistent fatigue, indecision, sleep problems, appetite changes, guilt, or even thoughts of suicide? You do not have to live this way! We can help you learn to improve your moods by...
•   identifing the different types of negative thoughts; 
•   intentionally reframe them; and
•   develop new, habitually positive thinking that will change your life! 


It’s normal to feel anxious occasionally--none of us would live long if we had no anxiety of danger. But when you obsess over small matters, cannot relax, or find your progress towards your goals stalled by “analysis paralysis”, normal worries have turned into life-stopping anxiety. We can help you learn proven strategies for overcoming these fears and celebrating everyday gifts.



Did you know that under stress, your body goes into a "fight or flight" mode that can cause long-term health issues if not managed? You can learn ways to reduce this physiological response to stress. And as the Serenity Prayer famously says, you can learn to... 
•   change (or reduce) the stressors you can change;
•   accept (or manage) the stressors you cannot change; and
•   find the wisdom to know the difference.


Which communication style is so destructive that it can predict divorce with over 90% accuracy? What is the foundation of a solid marriage? Which relationship problems are fundamentally unsolvable, and how do you manage them while preserving the individual values and identity of each partner? Learn proven skills--backed by over 40 years of solid research data--to improve your marriage!



In a culture where more marriages than not end in divorce, you might think the odds are stacked against you. But you re-stack them in your favor and launch your life together with every every possible advantage! Using the highly-acclaimed SYMBIS premarital assessment, we can thoroughly assess your readiness and give you valuable tools and insight for starting out right! 

DIVORCE navigation / recovery

No one says "I do!" ever expecting it to end in divorce. We all believe "that could never happen to us!" But the sad reality is that our culture's divorce rate is over 50% (60% for second marriages and even higher for third!). And the statistics are no different even for Christians. When it happens, we need a safe, non-judgmental place to work through the grief, trauma, and practical details while struggling to adjust to the "new normal".



We all know that abuse and violence are traumatic, sometimes enough to cause PTSD. But did you know that everyday events can be traumatic also? Trauma can be defined as any time when your basic physical, emotional, or spiritual needs go unmet, and the earlier it occurs, the greater the effect on the developing mind. We can help you identify these areas in your past, overcome old coping skills you have carried from childhood into your adult life (which are no longer appropriate or effective), and create new patterns of thinking and skills for a happier, more successful life! 


What is the matter with me? Why can't I get over this loss? Why do these moments of "shadow grief" keep catching me by surprise? Our culture's accepted "rituals" for grieving and helping others grieve has been largely lost into history, so many of us do not know what to expect after experiencing a devastating loss. Together, we can navigate the "Valley of the Shadow" and help you begin to accept and come to peace with your "new normal".

Grief/Loss group coming soon!


Life Coaching Services


Don't know what you want to be when you grow up? Katherine didn't, either... even in her mid-40's! Using the MTBI personality assessment and Strong interest inventory, she
can help you explore career possibilities enjoyed by people similar to you, plus gain insights on career paths that might not be the best match! 


Successful men don't just happen; they plan for success! But how? Pastor Charles Leslie offers both individual coaching and groups (see below) for men of all ages seeking to develop life success skills. Whether you are a college student, a young married man, or a seasonsed husband and/or father needing support, Charles is ready to team up with you to help you reach your goals.



Individual counseling and coaching can be very helpful, but there are some issues that a group can address best of all. We now offer support groups in several areas.  If you don't find a group you're looking for, contact us and we'll see if we can organize one.



Facilitator: Katherine Bell Thomasy, LPC

What is the matter with me? Why can't I get over this loss? Why do these moments of "shadow grief" keep catching me by surprise? I feel so alone--I wish I could talk to others who are going through the same thing. Our culture's accepted "rituals" for grieving and helping others grieve has been largely lost into history, so many of us do not know what to expect after experiencing a devastating loss. Together, we can navigate the "Valley of the Shadow", share experiences, offer comfort and support, and begin to accept and come to peace with our "new normals". (Individual grief counseling is also available.)


Coaching groups for meN

Facilitator: Charles Leslie, ThM; Pastor and Christian Life Coach

Launching Life Success
(young men, ages 18-29)

(Individual coaching also available--call!)
Launching a successful life after high school begins with good college study habits and job interview techniques. But everything you are dealing with outside of school and work also affects your learning and your career. Join us as we look at the little pieces of the big picture you will need to launch a successful life! This group is about...
•   soft skills for life
•   study skills & testing strategies
•   confidence & anxiety
•   people skills & relationships
•   interviewing & job success
•   goal setting & success planning
•   budgeting & finances
...but mostly, it is all about you. Bring your own issues and questions, and we'll find answers together!

Men of Distinction
(current & future family men)

(Individual coaching also available--call!)
You want to...
•   become a Godly man in today's world
•   prepare for future success
•   match your interests and personality to a satisfying career
•   develop leadership skills you can apply to work, marriage, and family
•   raise happy, successful children
•   manage relational conflict
•   achieve your personal, financial, and spiritual life goals.
But how do you best prepare? Join us for this ongoing group of coaching, discussion, and inspiration.


Exploring your purpose (Gals)
Exploring your purpose (Guys)

Facilitator: Deborah Collins, Christian Life Coach

For more than 15 years, through her work at local community colleges, Debbie has guided recent high graduates through the often-confusing transition to college. Now retired, she is ready to work one-on-one and in groups with you! She specializes in helping struggling students identify and overcome learning challenges, and acquire basic life and academic skills that are so crucial in starting out in adult life. Join us for these enriching sessions to talk about...

•   Self-esteem
•   Life skills/empowerment strategies
•   Understanding learning styles (ADHD, dyslexia, etc.)
•   Time management, goal-setting, success planning
•   Career coaching/planning
•   Purpose Exploration

(Individual coaching is also available.)


Parents of Prodigals 

Facilitator: Deborah Collins, Christian Life Coach

One of the most lonely, desperate periods of Debbie's life has been single-parenting two special-need sons, who through poor choices became caught up in the county's justice system. She knows first hand that no one should have to go through this agonizing experience alone! If you're a parent -- especially a single parent -- who is struggling with feelings of isolation, grief, and even shame regarding family member's choices that are beyond your control, join us for this group! We are here to support you along this difficult path. (Individual coaching is also available.)



Facilitator: Katherine Bell Thomasy, LPC

Did you know that public school G/T programs are actually classified with Special Ed? It's true, and it's appropriate! G/T students' brains work differently, using different neural pathways and patterns, thinking globally rather than sequentially. Consequently, G/T kids have unique emotional needs (and often social issues) that are not widely understood. Katherine has special education, training, and experience in working with G/T thinkers. If you or your G/T student feel as though "no one understands", let her offer some insights that may make your lives much easier!  (Individual coaching is also available.)


Facilitator: Katherine Bell Thomasy, LPC

Sometimes, it seems that no one understands. (No, "socialization" is not an issue. Yes, I can teach my own children very well without a teaching certificate, thank you.) But how do you manage the unique family stresses and scheduling of homeschooling? How do you ever get it all done? Do you feel like you to maintain the image that you "have it all together"? Katherine homeschooled her three children for nine years, and understands both your passions and your struggles! Together, we can devise practical strategies that will work for your family! (Individual coaching is also available.)