Rituals of Connection

Sunday this week was Cinco de Mayo, a day many of us enjoy even without a single relative from south of the border. One friend of mine (who grew up in the cold North but will emphatically tell you that she got to Texas just as fast as she could) even posts every year on Facebook warning of dire consequences to those who fail to commemorate the holiday appropriately!

Her family’s annural May 5 Mexican dinner is a great example of a ritual of connection — a regular, predictable tradition that helps give shared meaning to healthy relationships. Rituals of connection can be annual occasions (such as Cinco de Mayo and Christmas), montly (a parents’ night out), weekly (Sunday worship or Taco Tuesdays), or even daily (morning coffee or after-dinner television). These tradtions help build a “we-ness” that add to the unique culture of each individual family.

What are your family’s rituals of connection? How do you celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries? Do you rally together every week to cheer on your favorite team? Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you all attend so regularly that it has become part of who you are as a family? Or could this area of your family use some serious work? We get that — in our culture of high divorce rates and dysfunctional family dynamics, all too many of us are lacking in rituals of connection and other relational elements that build strong family togetherness.

Strengthening rituals of connections is just one of the many ways Connections Counseling Center can help you improve your relationships. We have offices in Plano and Van Alstyne, and can see clients anywhere in Texas via videoconference. If you’re ready to explore new ideas and build new traditions for your family, give us a call at 972-441-7374! Your 15-minute phone consultation is free!

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