Celebrate God's Gifts!

The most influential mentor of my life would say this to  the parents in our group -- often. But it wasn’t always easy to put this inspirational exhortation into practice, because he said it to encourage us through some really tough life struggles.

“Celebrate what gifts?!” we sometimes wanted to reply….

  • Celebrate a difference in a child’s brain that makes reading, handwriting, math, or self-control so difficult that school is a tortuous experience?

  • Celebrate a horrific disease that makes a little boy’s life dependent on daily insulin injections?

  • Celebrate a chronic illness which leaves a mother disabled for months, sometimes years at a time?

  • Celebrate the social awkwardness that makes a college student depressed and doubting her own worth?

  • Celebrate the devastating losses resulting from our own poor life choices?

Sometimes it was hard to hear, “Yes! Celebrate God’s gifts!” But gradually, we started to realize….

  • ADHD is/was the energy and passion behind some of the world’s greatest artistic geniuses… and many of our own children’s unique talents.

  • Dyslexia introduced a little girl to a compassionate teacher who inspired her to later teach countless other special kids their value to the world.

  • Dysgraphia drove a young man away from his pencil box to his keyboard instead, where he was able to compose an imaginative novel that brought delight to himself and others.

  • The pain and loss of mobility of MS taught a mother the joy and peace of depending on God’s grace, day by day.

  • A college student’s social awkwardness was a manifestation of an intellectual giftedness that led her to medical research and new treatments for deadly disease. 

And the losses due to poor life choices? Yeah, those hurt. They really hurt. But the greater the pain, the greater the potential for joy when we allow God to give us beauty in exchange for the ashes.

At Connections, we believe that God wraps some of His greatest gifts in some of the world’s most humble packaging. But sometimes it takes a new way of thinking to be able to recognize them. And sometimes it just takes a new perspective from an empathetic listener who wants to help. We'd be honored to walk alongside if we can be that for you. You're not alone -- call us today.