I've never been to counseling before. How does this work?

When we first talk by phone, we'll answer any preliminary questions you might have, get a little more information about you and what you hope to accomplish from therapy, and be sure you are matched with the best counselor or life coach for your needs. That first 15-minute consultation is free!

We will also get your contact information, and email you our intake forms, which will also give you additional information about Connections Counseling Center and our counselors and coaches. (If we don't connect by phone right away, you can also directly email the name(s), phone number(s), and email address(es) for the individual or couple seeking counseling to (We must have separate phone and email information for each individual.) This will enable us to go ahead and send you the forms to get you started.

The intake forms can be conveniently completed online--you do not have to print them out or sign them by hand. Please allow about 20 minutes for this. We cannot procede with the first appointment unless these forms are complete. 

At our first counseling session, we'll discuss your history and define your therapeutic goals. Then together, we'll set up a plan and schedule that works for you!


How often will I come in to see you?

The first appointment is 90 minutes.  After that, most clients opt to come to therapy once per week for 60-minute sessions. Others prefer to come every other week for extended sessions of 90 minutes. For intense work, weekly 90-minute sessions can be most helpful. 45-minute sessions are also available, althought they may be less productive and cost more in the long run because the time constraints may lead to more sessions being necessary to achieve your goals. Ultimately, it's up to you to determine how often and for how long you want to benefit from therapy!


how long will it take?

That's a difficult question, and the answer is different for everyone. For short-term, solution-focused counseling and coaching, we may be able to help you learn strategies that will quickly allow you to reframe thoughts, improve mood, and deal better with a situation. Other issues, such as childhood trauma, can require much longer as you begin to understand old--and now counterproductive--coping patterns, and begin to develop new and more effective behaviors. We're happy to talk with you about your individual needs! Again, it's up to you how often and for how long you want to benefit from therapy!


do you take my insurance?

Unfortunately, no. But your insurance may reimburse you.

Connections is an out-of-network provider, and does not work directly with any insurance company. So we do require payment in full at the time of service. However, as a courtesy, we can create the CMS-1500 forms you will need, and we can usually submit them electronically directly to your insurance company (otherwise we can email them to you for you to submit). Please note that we do not have the staff and other resources necessary to communicate with your insurance provider, so you will need to contact them directly yourself to verify if and how much they will reimburse for out-of-network counseling services. 

Only LPC counseling services are insurance-reimbursable. I nsurance will not reimburse for services of interns, pastoral counselors, and life coaches. As we understand it, Medicare and Medicaid will not reimburse for LPC services.


why don't you take insurance?

More and more counseling practices are opting to go out of network and accept private pay only. Getting on insurance panels, filing the claims, and handling the follow-up calls requires a great deal of overhead, and often a dedicated employee to handle these tasks. This ultimately drives up the price of counseling services. Insurance also cannot be filed unless your counselor discloses your diagnosis (which may be more information than you are comfortable sharing), and they often limit the number of sessions for which they will pay. For this reason, even some clients who have insurance prefer not to use it due in order to protect the confidential nature of their counseling information.


More Questions?

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