Our Team


Katherine Bell, MA, LPC, NCC
(TX lic# 71390)

Counseling is my not my first career. After 14 years as a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling teacher, and writer, I suddenly found myself single again, almost disabled with chronic illness and clinical depression, and starting over from rock bottom in my late 40s.

Now in my mid-50s, I have learned the hard way that when life knocks you down, getting up again is not easy. But that makes me all the more passionate about encouraging my clients: if I can recover from debilitating circumstances, so can you!

But where to start?

I am all about processes that work. So I strive to pair research-proven tools with spiritual truths to help you learn to...

  • live with purpose

  • improve relationships

  • manage stress

  • overcome depression and anxiety

  • defeat negative thoughts

  • heal trauma

  • deepen your spiritual walk

  • strengthen your identity as a child of God.

I come to the counseling table from a diverse background of life experience.

  • As a teacher and writer, I find knowledge to be empowering! I am a life-long learner, constantly reading, studying, and seeking fresh solutions that are uniquely suited to my clients’ needs. 

  • As a survivor of trauma, divorce, and 40+ years of clinical depression and anxiety, I understand that an encouraging, non-judgmental, safe environment is crucial. I'm honored when I am able to help provide that healing space.

    I'm especially passionate about working with couples. I have completed Levels 1 through 3 in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, plus additional training from the Gottman Institute in working with affairs, addictions, and trauma.

  • As someone who has experienced (and has children with) chronic health issues, I believe in a strong mind/body/spirit connection.  I try to stay well-informed regarding medical/nutritional implications for my clients, and encourage partnering with medical providers when appropriate. 

  • And as a Christian, I offer a faith-based, Biblical approach, rooted in Christ’s transforming power and supported with evidence-based strategies that help you understand the "hows" and "whys" of recovery for lasting results.

I also understand that sometimes when "life happens" we have no perfect choices. I've been there. So I am always working to reflect back the grace that God has shown to me as we walk through these times together.

Not sure about Christian counseling? Despite our differences, most of us agree that loving God and each other are key elements in a happy life. So whatever your beliefs, background, or goals, I am dedicated to walking that path with you as you discover your own life solutions, with God’s help!

Together, we will discover tools that will serve you for a lifetime as you self-discover, grow, and heal. I encourage you to call for your free 15-minute consultation and/or to schedule an appointment. I look forward to beginning this journey with you!

Renae Heilman, M.ED. LPC Intern
(Supervised by Brady Robinson, LPS-S, TX lic# 65030)

My ideal client wants change. Although they may be struggling, they are trying to hold on to hope. There is hope. If you are working through the pain and anger of a divorce, struggling with depression and anxiety, or just navigating life's challenges, there is hope. I work from a cognitive behavioral model to understand the connection of our thoughts, feelings, and actions and how one may be stuck in a cycle with this thoughts and feelings dragging them down. I am an active counselor, so I don't just sit back, we work together with you developing the skills you need to move forward with your life.

I am an LPC-Intern and my passion is children and adolescents. I have worked with various childhood issues and feel I connect with this population. I help children work through the changing family when there is a divorce, feelings of worthlessness, or shame and guilt. I am also trained in a Trauma Focused model to help children work through a trauma that is still effecting them. I also work with adults in parenting, depression and anxiety and just daily life struggles. Identifying where the irrational thought is can open doors in our mind.

My experience in the school setting with children and parents has provided me with the skills and strengths to help you navigate some of life's challenges. often times we know the answers or we have heard them from friends and family but we need someone outside of our circle to help us view life from a different angle. I feel it is a privilege to work with individuals as they become empowered to change their situation.